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A Catalog: The Collected Poems of Kath

This is an attempt to catalog the poems I have written, and when, in backwards chronological order. Anyone interested in reading any of these,or discussing this project, please let me know. Welcome poet friends! I am planning to regularly feature a poem regularly from the list, with a short introduction concerning the composition.
By way of introduction: this is A WORK IN PROGRESS... (thus huge gaps to be filled in) a catalog of my poetry never before attempted, and in reverse chronological order. It might be considered a "Table of Contents" for my collected works should someone ever wish to collect them. It gives of feeling for the progression of my work, and also where and when it has been published. At this point this includes all poetic works except haiku, which I will list separately. I will also add some commentary of my own on what I think has been happening during each period, what I have been excited about as far as form and content, the focus and the development. Highlighted poems are currently featured on the "Pages" below.

2/7/07--The Collected Works--I have already found this to be an important and demanding project, but surely worthwhile! I will try to work on filling it in gradually. It is an exciting overview--and very tedious to do the documentation! It is only just begun...

May, 2007
Beyond Words (5/22/07
Meet You There (5/12/07)
Texual Ecosystem Preserve (5/01/07)

April, 2007
Climatic Dream Analysis (4/28/07)
Simulations from the Tropics (4/26/07)
Ecstatic Groove (4/18/07)

March, 2007
collage of "collage"(3/31/07) ;
Imagining "Go"; (3/31/07)
Reading Alhambra Sunrise (3/30/07);
Matching Pulses (3/27/07)
Tender (3/21/07)
A Dark Matter (3/13/07)
How Great (3/5/07)
Closing Time (3/7/07)

Febraury, 2007
Inside the Atomic Clock (2/26/07)
The Abundance of You (2/17/07)
QuasiCrystals of Us (2/11/07)
Why T(his) (2/9/07)published "Poetry and Cookies" 2007 Anthology, Alta Dena Public Library
the god issue (2/9/07)
Marginal Grace Notations (2/2/07)

January, 2007:
The Night's Experiment(1/30/07)
To My Earth (1/22/07)published, sci-fin anthology, 2007
Theorbo (1/12/07)
Three Points of Reference(1/6/07)
Engagement (1/5/07)
Now A Treasure Hunt (1/1/07)

December, 2006
The Gold Leafing 12/27/06)
Though (12/21/06)
Bird Bath (12/18/06)
As Still as a Hummingbird (12/6/06)

November, 2006
The Stinging (11/26/06)
Ephemera (11/22/06)
To Ear by Wing (11/20/06)
What Cannot Be Said (11/15/06)
Again (11/14/06) published SGV poetry calendar 12/06 *
A Pause In Time 11/14/06
Two Golden Things (11/13/06)
I Giggle to Think (11/8/06)
She Poem #13: She Placed A White Stone (11/12/1997)
Front Row (11/6/06)

May, 2006
Virtually Erotic (5/13/06)
Trying to Drink the Ocean through a Bent Straw (5/7/06)

April, 2006
Why Animals and Vegetables Cross the Street (4/2/06)
What I Told the Moon (4/6/06) * published 4/07 issue of the online journal LUNAROSITY
What the Moon Answered (4/7/06) published 4/07 issue of the online journal LUNAROSITY

February, 2000(set of four) The Mendocino Poems (2/9 -2/13/00) one of them "Found in Mendocino" published in Prism Review, Spring, 2006

April, 1999 (the final) She Poem #18 : There Was A Certain Ecstasy (4/11/99)

October, 1997 She Poem#7: First Lines (10/28/1997)

September, 1997
My Brother Leaned (9/11/997)
Time Begin Again (9/10/97) (this poem was set to music for soprano and baroque flute by Fred Kasper, 1998, and performed by Kath &Rick 9/16/01, Dabney Hall, Caltech)
Disappearing Act (9/9/97)
She Poem #3: She Had A Flair For Excess
Poems Stand In Line (9/4/97)
She Poem #2: She Looked at the World Upside Down (9/1/97)
She Poem #1:At the Foot of the Stairs[(9/1/997)

August, 1997
A Sudden Leisure (8/28/97)
Limitation (8/28/97)
Entangled (8/27/97)
Constellation: A Gloss (8/22/97)
Format Releases (8/26/97)
Ink-Black Now (8/26/97)

1952 (first poem)
Oh the Moon, Oh the Stars, oh the Sun (9/6/52) date approximate.

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